September 20,2014
Tania   /   0 Comments   /   Posh

The scene where Holliday Grainger’s character, Lauren, arrives to witness this grotesque debauch, and is presumptuously invited to partake for money, was a particularly hard one to shake off.

“It’s hideous. I mean, I’m going into a scene having to say our sperm is so special you should be paying us for it. What kind of a line is that to be saying? And poor Holly and Jess [Brown Findlay]. They would come into that lair every day when we were filming in the room. And as soon as we’d get going, it would be like a furnace of hideous banter. Even when the camera’s not rolling, we were throwing it around, and creating this whirlwind of disgustingness. One of them said: ‘Douglas creeps me out on set!’ We left that day and just felt gross.”


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