December 6,2013
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” To be able to analyze plays and novels is so relevant to acting “

” I’ve died four times in the past year,” says Holliday, “I seem to play a lot of troubled kids. “

” I think within the foursome, Ruby represents the every woman. She’s the real link to normal society, Unlike Luke and Mina, she doesn’t have any special powers and unlike Galvin she doesn’t have the knowledge of the Half-lives. So she’s really thrown in at the deep end and has to deal with the situations that are thrown at her “

— Holliday on her character of “Ruby” from Demons – 2009

” By the end of the day, I had screamed so much that it felt like someone had put a cheese grater down the back of my throat and had grated off a layer of skin.” when her character Charlie is giving birth in The Bad Mothers Handbook. “I’d love to do more independent films. “

” I don’t know how they are going to handle it ” talking about her grandparents after her character Lucrezia is raped by her first husband Giovanni Sforza.

” I recycle and I always take the train; I never drive, “

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