January 13,2014

How does it feel taking on such an iconic role?

HG: It’s kind of scary and exciting.

Do you feel any pressure trying to portray that character?

HG: I was terrified when I first got the part. But I think I put pressure on myself for wanting to do well, because, not just the fact that she’s an iconic figure, but in the script, she is such an amazing character! It was an absolute joy for a young actor to get to play that, and so I put pressure on myself for wanting to do the character justice.
But outside of that, I didn’t really feel the pressure of representing such an iconic figure because I think once I started with my research, I would end up almost forgetting that anyone else is going to watch it! There are so many aspects of Bonnie that could be represented, and everyone is going have their own opinions, so if I’m going to make a choice, I’m going to make it which I feel is more fun to represent and more fun to play…and I guess by focusing on making it fun for me, it takes the pressure away.

Could you name some of the challenges you faced in bringing Bonnie to life?

HG: I think a lot of them are the practical things. I got a sense of the character quite strongly in the script. But of course, then I had to learn the accent; I had a few voice coaches, but there’s also this amazing website called the International Dialects of English Archive, you can focus on specific regions but I could also listen to older women whose accents would have been closest to the period when Bonnie was from. I watched lots of documentaries and films that were set in pre-1950s.

I had to learn to shoot guns and dance ballet and all that kind of partner dancing from that period. I spoke to friends about panic attacks because Bonnie had panic attacks. There’s this massive list of practical things I had to learn before I could even start focusing on the character!

Your character in ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ is a far cry from your previous characters like in ‘The Borgias’ and ‘Anna Karenina’. How did you prepare for the role of Bonnie Parker?

HG: Well, I feel like some of my previous characters have slightly similar traits, particularly Lucrezia in ‘The Borgias’ and ‘Estella’. They were quite strong minded woman, but also have a degree of aesthetic consciousness about them and quite single-minded in her desires and also the ability to manipulate situations and manipulate men. I think there’s a lot of that in Bonnie too.

But it seemed to be pushed further; she’s a lot more manipulative, selfish and driven than many of the other characters that I’ve played. When I’m on set, and I’m speaking in that accent, and I put on the clothes, I feel like the character sort of “gets comfy”. The way that you move changes when you put on clothes from a certain period and once you start speaking in that accent.

You once mentioned that before you took on the role, it terrified you to bits. Do you still feel that way once filming began?

HG: I was scared when I first got offered because I hadn’t met anyone from the team nor gone in for an audition. I just put myself on tape for the casting directors and I got offered the part. So it scared me that lots of people that I’ve never even met were trusting me to represent this American icon! Then I got out to Louisiana and met people and did some rehearsals and met the director.

Emile was lovely and Bruce the director is so laid back; he always said as long as he believed it [His notes will always be ‘yeah yeah that was good, I believed it’], you can trust him to tell you if you are being realistic or natural or not. I had my first few days on set with Holly Hunter, and we rehearsed one afternoon together just the two of us before we went on set. She knew what the characters were like and the mother-daughter relationship and this idea of symbiosis between them. Then when I got on set, Holly was so generous in the feedback that she was giving me. She really made me feel very secure. It kind of took the nerves out on the first few days and I stopped being terrified and from then on, I started enjoying it!

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January 8,2014
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Nominate HollidayGrainger FB for a social media award in the Shorty Awards! Nominate HollidayGrainger FB for a social media award in the Shorty Awards

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January 7,2014
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Holliday Grainger at 1:38. ( uploaded by me x )

January 3,2014
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Holliday Grainger has serious acting chops. Let’s start with her gun-toting lead role in December’s Bonnie and Clyde miniseries with Into the Wild’s Emile Hirsch (it’s exciting enough for A&E, Lifetime and History to air at the same). Then there were her career-making roles in The Borgias and Mike Newell’s adaptation of Great Expectations, which premiered at TIFF. Grainger opts for classic silhouettes on the red carpet, pulling off a bold look by Peter Pilotto as confidently as a glitzer number by Valentino. Watch for her in Kenneth Brannagh’s upcoming Cinderella… she’ll play a wicked stepsister next to Lily James’ portrayal of the glass-slippered princess.

January 1,2014
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Happy New Year to all ! 🙂

December 28,2013
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December 23,2013
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Hey 🙂  I updated albums for ‘The Bad Mother’s Handbook‘.

Promotional Photos

Production Stills

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Behind the scenes


December 21,2013

Nylon – December 2013/January 2014

December 19,2013
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Her latest project is her biggest yet – Disney’s live action version of Cinderella, directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Cate Blanchett and McShera’s Downton co-star Lily James.
McShera plays ugly sister Drizella.

Cate Blanchett is my mum which is hilarious, she was so much fun to work with. Me and Holliday Grainger (who also stars in the film) watched Blue Jasmine the day before we met her so we were so in awe of her. She was so nice and generous and funny, we had the best time with her.”

At least McShera will get to give the orders for a change – her Downton co-star, Lilly James, who plays cousin Rose in the drama, takes the lead in Cinderella.

While the actress acknowledges it was nice to have the roles reversed for once, she jokes: “Lily’s definitely no Daisy – she looks beautiful in rags, it’s really irritating!


December 18,2013
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I added some new photos 🙂
Event 2013 > Serpentine Gallery Summer Party

Captures > 2012 > Wimbledon Celebrity Day evian® Live young VIP Suite

Event 2012 >The evian ‘Live young’ VIP Suite at Wimbledon

December 16,2013
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