August 22,2017
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August 21,2017
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August 19,2017
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August 11,2017
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August 4,2017
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June 10,2017
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Rama’s Screen: Hi, Holliday, I’m a big fan of your work in “Jane Eyre,” “Cinderella,” and “The Finest Hours,” so congratulations on “My Cousin Rachel.” What was it like working with director Roger Michell and your co-star Sam Claflin and specifically with Oscar winner Rachel Weisz

Holliday Grainger: “So brilliant, I mean working with Roger.. he knows exactly what he wants, he has a subtle confidence, so free and easy because the world that he creates is real in every aspect. I’ve worked with Sam a couple of times before so it kinda felt quite easy like a long term friend relationship. But it’s so beautiful watching Rachel perform. Hers is such a complex character, I kind of had my own idea about her from the book and then watching Rachel subtly changed my idea about the character.”

Rama’s Screen: Obviously, Louise is a completely different type of character from the one you played in “Cinderella,” opposite end of the spectrum, so talk to me about your approach for Louise. Because in a way, I kinda feel sorry for her, she has feelings for this man who doesn’t return those feelings.

Holliday Grainger: “I liked Roger’s script and loved it, straight away read the book afterwards. And I think that the adaptation stays true to the tone of the book and it encompasses the world and the whole emotional dynamic between the characters that’s very true to the book. So I think Louise is emotionally complex but she doesn’t over-pinpoint anything which kinda leaves you the audience with these questions and ambiguity. And you can kind of make up your mind. I think I kinda of got a sense of Louise from the book and from Roger’s script, she’s obviously in love with Phillip but he’s not at that stage yet. Childhood friends and Louise is becoming a woman far sooner than Phillip becoming a man and he doesn’t even notice that she’s got these feelings for him.

And then Rachel comes along. And so along with that the jealousy and the potential resentment that Louise could have but I do feel like from the book and from the script, she’s very patient and she wants the best of Phillip. And her sisterly nurturing aspect comes out first and foremost before her thought of jealousy as a woman therefore she manages to have some sort of self-restraint and is still being open with Rachel, to take a step back and allow Phillip to make his own mistakes.”

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June 10,2017
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June 7,2017
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June 7,2017
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May 31,2017
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May 28,2017
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