January 11,2016
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January 10,2016
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January 10,2016

October 30,2015
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October 30,2015
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October 30,2015
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September 26,2015
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September 25,2015
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“Holliday commands the screen; she has an incredible strength, while also being vulnerable and compassionate.” – Director Craig Gillespie, The Finest Hours

By 27, British screen and stage actress Holliday Grainger[16] tackled roles in a continental triumvirate of novelistic adaptations—Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Anna Karenina (2012), and Great Expectations (2012). But the Guardian-affirmed New Brit Pack member stays refined through treacherous depravity, too; incest and murder aside, she brought a virginal charm to the orgiastic fervor of The Borgias (2011—2013). And next year, Grainger will put her vulnerability and compassion to use; in Disney’s upcoming sea disaster flick The Finest Hours, she takes on the role of Miriam, wife of lifeboat lifesaver Bernie Webber, played by aorta-crushing Chris Pine. After Hollywood sea rescue, let’s all put listless perusals of Dickens and hedonistic royal parties high on the CALIFUK to-do list.

16 Born 27 March 1988 [a]
16.a “I used to hang around gas stations.”[i]
16.i Michael Hacker,[ *] from: “Playwright Doesn’t Run on Empty“
by Janice Arkatov | Los Angeles Times | 27 March 1988
* Michael Hacker’s play Long Time Coming was based on his memories of old gas stations, including one on the corner of Franklin and Argyle, with a little driveway in the back, as he recalls. Acclaimed theater designer Robert Zentis built the set, a complete gas station facing imminent razing by an oil company.

September 23,2015
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September 21,2015
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September 2,2015
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